We use successful, research proven strategies to teach students. Everyone has different learning styles or different ways of effectively connecting with new information. We take information in through auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities. Students may best learn through auditory, visual or kinesthetic methods of instruction. Auditory learners learn by listening. Reading aloud, verbal cues and discussion help them to learn more effectively. Visual learners learn by seeing. They may think in pictures and learn best through visual materials. Kinesthetic learners learn through moving, touching and doing. It can be difficult to reach all learning styles in a traditional classroom setting. Through the use of multi-sensory instructional techniques, students are actively engaged in the learning process. Focus is on the individual needs and strengths of the student, using strategies that best suit their unique learning styles. Auditory, kinesthetic and visual methods are involved throughout the learning process, thereby increasing students understanding and retention. We can help your child achieve their goals and become a successful student by working with their individual learning style. Individual instruction and multi-sensory techniques allow students to be at their best and have fun while learning!